The Timeless Mind

Breath stolen and shallow
This feeling is not my own
Visions fill my eyes with faces
What am I being shown

Streaming thoughts of a time yet to come
Past events become clear
A knowing so strong
Was it a dream of yester year

Silence…Mindful of the present once again
A curious stillness before the count of ten

Aware of a tear
Rolling over the lips
My emotions now
Arrive back from this trip

Was it love in its infinite state
That caused the distraction
Or time reminding the mind
Of its connection

Does the mind slip away
In defense for safety
Or is it pulled by a dream
Chasing its captivity

I disengage my conversation with time
Familiar as it may be
Emerging back with the body
Despondent for the loss of me

It won’t be long before I’m allowed another glimpse
The soul has a longing to quench
Only a mad man would deprive the mind
Of this beautiful journey once again