The Old Captain

Never equipped for the sea
But a desire to be lost on the waters
Chasing the horizon
His courage never falters

Consumed by the saltwater
Drifting he’s lost track of time
This ship finds its course
Anchored in the mind

The sound of waves down below
Gives rise to the fear of a wreck
He’s been in this place before
Find the horizon, port side of the deck

Guided by constellations
An ancient celestial oar
The night sky brings answers
This far from shore

Land reaching for the bow
The sails stretch in the wind
Made for the water
It now rushes towards sand

Back on coastal land
His keel wanes
Boyed by watery dreams
This mortal soul can no longer sustain

Stories tell the tale
Of life at sea
Wild new hearts take up the task
For the old captain rests in peace